Zoe Helene with lamb in Peruvian Andes by Chris Kilham Cosmic Sister

The Art of Psychedelic Mentoring
Psychedelic Parenting (Podcast)
with Jonathan Thompson

Today's show was recorded over a couple days last week, on 4/20 and Earth Day with Zoe Helene. Zoe is the founder of Cosmic Sister, which is dedicated to recognizing and elevating feminist voices in the growing Psychedelic Renaissance, and to supporting visionary women in the exploding world of Cannabis business and studies. Zoe is also the wife and partner of ethnobotanist and writer Chris Kilham, and is the manager of the web presence for his site The Medicine Hunter, and has accompanied Chris on many trips to the Amazon and elsewhere, looking for healing plants and soul-transforming experiences. Zoe is an artist, writer, journalist, and visionary explorer in her own right, and has been featured in Boston Magazine, Forbes, Boston Globe, AlterNet, Chicago Tribune, Newsday, MIT Technology Review, Utne Reader and Fast Company.

In this episode, Jonathan and Zoe discuss the art of "Psychedelic Mentoring" as an important part of the emerging plant medicine culture in this country, and how even those without their own kids have an important job to do in raising the future members of the Psychedelic Society. They talk about the "Faerie Goddessmothers" who were instrumental in Zoe's life, and how she has embraced her role as "Psychedelic Faerie Goddessmother" to the children of her friends and siblings. Zoe also discusses Earth day and how her Ayahuasca experiences in the Amazon have galvanized her as an environmentalist and animal-rights activist, and her view that "a baby is a baby," whether they be human animals or non-human animals. She also discusses her deep relationship to New Zealand's critically endangered native Maui's dolphin, which is currently on the verge of extinction.

Tune in next week Wednesday (5/4/2016) for the second 1/2 of Jonathan's interview with Zoe, when we'll be back on track for our weekly Wednesday podcast releases.

Psychedelic Parenting

Jonathan Thompson is the Co-Founder (with his wife of 15 years, Nicole Linton) of Psychedelic Parenting, a resource for building community and family traditions around traditional plant sacraments in the Global North; he is also the father of 3, a committed husband, and "sunlights" as Office Manager for a well-established Holistic Health practice in Mid-Michigan. He has a BS in Anthropology from Michigan State University and has spent the last 10 years in management and human resources in the retail and healthcare industry.

Psychedelic Parenting is the Flagship project of Psychegenos (Greek for "Soul Family"), a Fiscal Sponsorship of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS). Psychedelic Parenting and Psychegenos were founded with a mission of building community support and open dialogue around the ways that Psychedelic Substances and Sacred Plant Medicines can facilitate family healing and serve as catalysts for powerful rites of passage for young adults when done in a supportive family context. To that end, our website provides weekly podcasts, guest columns, book and movie recommendations, humor, and personal reflections on psychedelic family life. Our podcast reaches out to visionaries, elders, and community members, and asks the questions: "How have psychedelic experiences improved your family life?" and "What advice do you have for new families, navigating these waters for the first time?"

April 2016