Psychedelic Feminism—TEMENO Talking Circles

People from all over the world are working with sacred plant spirit medicines for healing, empowerment, and self-liberation. Zoe Helene’s TEMENO Talking Circles explore women’s work in the medicine space, including core concepts of “set and setting” and three key stages of preparation, immersion and integration. Together we explore methods for “evoking intentions” in preparation for intentional journeying with sacred plant medicines.

Zoe Helene also shares wisdom learned from more than a decade of women’s empowerment work with sacred plant spirit medicine, including cannabis and traditional ayahuasca ceremonies in the Peruvian Amazon. WOMEN ONLY, please.

Our open TEMENO Talking Circles welcome all respectful, loving people who are interested in exploring the effects of damaging, late-stage patriarchal programming and the wounds they carry from surviving in a culture suffering from long-term gender-imbalance.

When possible, our TEMENO Talking Circles are cannabis-enhanced.

All electronic devices must be turned off before entering the TEMENO. No photographing or recording.

Temeno is an Indigenous Greek word meaning sacred space (often in nature).