Cosmic Sister also supports Indigenous people around the world—especially women and children—and gives back to communities by promoting cultural preservation, evolution and exchange through educational advocacy projects about sustainable plant medicine trade and Indigenous arts, spiritual and medicine traditions. Cosmic Sister also supports in-sync nonprofit organizations that help local Indigenous communities protect the precious environment they steward and depend on.

Image: Sustainability designer Violeta Villacorta with Awajún Artisans, Awajún Territory, Perú


Everyday lifestyle choices make a very real difference, not just in our personal health and wellness but also the health and wellness of other living beings we share the Earth with. Cosmic Sister's Mind | Body | Spirit stories promote inspiring people who are leading the charge.


Adorning the body, and creating inspiring settings and objects for life is a beautiful and natural part of being human. Cosmic Sister's (LIFE)STYLE + SUSTAINABILITY educational initiative is about demonstrating beautifully and by example how our consumer choices contribute to the earth’s overall health and wellness. By promoting better choices and communicating how and why those choices are better, we hope to inform and inspire more people to make more conscious decisions in day-to-day living without sacrificing a healthy love for and appreciation of aesthetics. We showcase fine eco-friendly, animal-friendly and ethical products and services and the individuals behind them, with preference given to promoting women's expert voices and women-run businesses, organizations and brands.

“When you invest in ethical, heirloom-quality jewelry, you’re also investing in the future. Your purchase supports a creative community of like-minded humanitarians, out there doing important work.” - Zoe Helene, Organic Spa Magazine


The young people of today will steward tomorrow. All around the world children and young people are bright-eyed, openhearted, hungry for knowledge and full of potential. The Cosmic Sister Stewards of Tomorrow initiative is about providing young people with inspiring mentors and role models whom they can trust, and about preserving precious natural resources and cultural heritage, which they have a right to inherit and we have a responsibility to protect. Plus, Stewards of Tomorrow is also about ensuring a future for non-human youngsters, so you find stories about people who are fighting for the rights of wildlife babies around the world. Our Mother's Nature and Eco Mom features also fall under this project's umbrella and we have several fabulous new interviews and stories in the works.

“Over the course or their lives, our little ones will witness still more species move from ‘endangered’ to ‘critically endangered’ to ‘extinct in the wild.’ Instilling a love for wildlife early gives animal friends a fighting chance. - Zoe Helene, Huffington Post