As an educator, Zoe has presented keynotes and workshops to top-tier corporate executives and major art organizations. Most recently, she presented “Psychedelic Feminism—Gaia's Co-Evolutionary Allies,” for Examining the Psychedelic Renaissance SEASON 1, hosted by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies Canada. She will present “Psychedelic Feminism—Ancestor Medicine,” for Examining the Psychedelic Renaissance SEASON 2, in November of 2020. Zoe will present “Psychedelic Feminism—Represent The Medicine,” for The Haus of Jane's Women in Plant Medicine Summit, September 30th, 2020 and “Psychedelic Feminism—Action is Character,” for Psychedelics, Sacred Medicines, Purpose, & Business, October 2020.

She presented “Psychedelic Feminism—It’s Not All About Us (Humans),” on the main stage at the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference in Vancouver, B.C., and will present “Psychedelic Feminism—Matters of The Heart,” Spirit Plant Medicine Conference October 2020. Zoe taught “Psychedelic Feminism—Core Concepts and Key Stages for Plant Spirit Journeying,” and “Bearing Witness: Global Sustainable Medicinal Plant Trade,” with a focus on Women + Wilderness + Wildlife for the New England Women’s Herbal Conference's 30th Anniversary gathering and has led Psychedelic Feminism Talking Circles at Bastyr University, The Emerald Cup, New England Women’s Herbal Conference, and at private events.

In her digital revolution days in Cambridge, Massachusetts, she presented “Working with Evolving Mediums,” “Collective E-Consciousness,” “Archetypes of the Digital Age,” and “Demystification and the Digital Divide.” She was also known for “Demeter's Pallet,” a popular nature-centered visual vocabulary workshop for people seeking to commune more deeply with nature, the finest of all designers.

She is open to exploring professional consulting, speaking, and talking circle invitations.


Psychedelic Feminism—Temeno Talking Circles (Women Only)

People from all over the world are working with sacred plant spirit medicines for healing, empowerment, and self-liberation. Zoe Helene’s Psychedelic Feminism Talking Circles explore women’s work “in the medicine” space, including core concepts of “set and setting” and three key stages of preparation, immersion and integration. Together we explore methods for “evoking intentions” in preparation for intentional journeying with sacred plant medicines. Zoe Helene also shares wisdom learned from more than a decade of women’s empowerment work with sacred plant spirit medicine, including cannabis and traditional ayahuasca ceremonies in the Peruvian Amazon. WOMEN ONLY, please, and no recording devices.

Psychedelic Feminism—Temeno Talking Circles (Full Spectrum)

Full Spectrum Temeno Talking Circles welcome all respectful, open-hearted people who are interested in exploring the effects of damaging patriarchal programming, and the wounds and demons they carry from surviving in a culture suffering from gross, long-term gender-imbalance. ALL WELCOME. No recording devices.

The word “Temeno” is an Indigenous pre-Greek word for “Sacred Space,” (often a nature space). Most people use the word “Temenos,” which the Dorian Invader’s version of the original word.


Psychedelic Feminism—Ancestor Medicine

Exploring ancestry with the help of sacred plant allies can be empowering in surprising ways. Delving deeply into our individual and collective past can help inform choices we make in the present—for ourselves as individuals, for the people we love, and for the future of life on earth. All of our backstories brought us to where we are today, as a collective. This is classic psychedelic journeying work. It’s about truth-seeking and treasure hunting. Discovering, reconnecting, recreating for a better future. Who are you? Where do you come from? How did you get to where you are today? The paths of our ancestors all lead to the present. You. Me. Us. Where will we go together, tomorrow?

Psychedelic Feminism—Represent the Medicine

Ultimately, psychedelics are about kindness—to ourselves and to others, including non-human life forms, the world’s soil and air and waterways. It’s about doing our best to become the highest version of ourselves, first as individuals, then as larger socioeconomic communities, then as a species that’s over-running the planet. The journey starts with ourselves, then moves ever outwards. It’s our responsibility, as apex predators, to be in a healthy relationship with each other and with the Earth.

Psychedelic Feminism—It’s Not All About Us (Humans)

Psychedelic Feminism promotes rapid evolution because it is our moral responsibility, as Earth’s apex predators, to protect and defend non-human beings. We must end the grossly imbalanced “power-over” patriarchal model that will continue to lead humans down a devolutionary path ending in the destruction of life on Earth as we know it.

For millennia, females have been oppressed by an extreme power imbalance that warps the way we are evolving as a species. We carry trauma from violent misogynist actions such as rape, but we also carry compounded wounds from a steady bombardment of barbaric cultural “norms” dished out through systemic sexist messaging in business, politics, education, academia, marketing and advertising, media, entertainment, and the arts and sciences.

Sexism, racism, ageism, and classism walk hand-in-hand, and they’re prevalent in the cannabis industry, in the psychedelics field, and even in the sacred plant medicine healing community. Revisiting the past with radical honesty is key to promoting positive change in the present, with hope for the future, while connecting through commonalities and celebrating “oneness,” mirroring the psychedelic medicine healing experience.

The so-called “rabid feminist” or “toxic feminism” approach is not helpful or healthy. Blaming men for everything is sexist, no matter how much of our rage is righteous. It’s important that we welcome male allies who are interested in learning and growing when it comes to their own gender programming. The power of influence, globally, is white, cis-gendered-male heavy. There’s nothing wrong with being a white, cis-gendered male, but there is something very wrong with a long-standing imbalance of power. Antiquated, hurtful traditions die hard. We can and must do better, and doing better will be better for everyone—not just humans.

Psychedelics have the power to help women, men and gender-fluid people heal, self-liberate and move forward in brilliant and revolutionary ways. We’re in relationship with each other, and with all of life on earth.

Psychedelic Feminism—Gaia's Co-Evolutionary Allies

Psychedelics have the power to help us rapidly evolve from a cultural or behavioral perspective so we can be better citizens of Earth as a species, which starts with hundreds, then thousands, then millions, then billions of individual revolutions within.

Creating a true balance of power across the gender spectrum—globally—is the only way humans (and non-humans) will survive, and that it is our moral responsibility, as Earth’s apex predators, to protect and defend the rights of non-humans to live freely in thriving, uncompromised wilderness sanctuaries.

Psychedelics can help women access the wilderness of our psyches, in part to identify, explore, and hopefully heal unhealthy roots of human suffering, such as wounds and disempowering social programming related to surviving and thriving within—and rising in resistance of—global male-dominance. Females carry trauma from violent misogynist actions such as rape as well as a multitude of compounded wounds from a steady bombardment of systemic sexist messaging. Everyone is harmed by the patriarchal, power-over model—everyone across the gender spectrum.

“The more I do this work,” she says, “The more compassion I feel for males (and individuals who identify as anywhere on the gender spectrum), who bear scars from their own screwed-up gender socialization just like women do.”