Awajún Artisans, Awajún Territory, Perú

Creative Force a Unifying Energy for Amazon Women (IN DEV)
by Zoe Helene
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“When we align ourselves with our true purpose, all the pieces fall into place effortlessly and the real work begins.” - Violeta Villacorta

Through ORG by vio, Villacorta shares tools that allow women in indigenous communities to maintain their traditions while creating income and livelihoods. She works hand in hand with the artisans, in person on location and virtually, emailing sketches and designs for collaborative projects and featuring their original works on her website and others.

Her goal is to bring together communities that have been exploited. “Extractive industries send in people with talents of persuasion who tell convincing stories,” Villacorta explains. “Some love the promises, and some don’t want any part of it, and the friction can really tear the communities apart.” Villacorta believes that “the creative force is a unifying energy.”

October 2017