Rachael Carlevale, founder of Ganjasana, graces Canada's Lift Magazine cover.


Cosmic Sister® champions the rights of women, wilderness and wildlife, and the right to journey with sacred plants. We have several interconnected educational advocacy projects in place to help move the conversation forward. Cosmic Sister is known primarily for “Psychedelic Feminism,” a term founder Zoe Helene coined to describe a sub-genre of feminism that embraces the power of psychedelics from an environmentally-minded women’s empowerment perspective.

The following represent a few of many media quotes by women of Cosmic Sister.

“Growing cannabis takes knowledge, time and attention, but anyone with good intentions can do it. You’ve gotta have the attitude that you’ll win some, you’ll lose some, and it’s a learning experience.” – Susan Sheldon, Sensi Magazine

“Many people, women particularly, are hindered by timidity and self-doubt. Ayahuasca helps us become our own greatest allies rather than our own worst enemies.” – Faye Sakellaridis, Vice | Broadly

“Ayahuasca doesn't judge you; she just puts you in order. It is medicine deserving of the highest reverence. This is not recreational.” – Amy Love, Organic Spa Magazine

“These plant medicines ultimately want to help and support us in connecting to our higher selves. If we don’t go back to our heart and the heart of our planet, we’re going to perish. The social, humanitarian and environmental causes must be at the forefront of the conversation and then back to our personal journeys, but this is now a collective re-evolution of humans.” – Salmieh Tabrizi, ALTERNET

“I released my lingering attachments to my ex-partner, and I processed a great deal of the underlying emotional pain associated with freeing myself from this (abusive) marriage. The sisterhood aspect of the experience was a big factor in this, since our experiences of sharing and bonding with each other as a group worked synergistically with the ayahuasca, allowing each of us to process and release emotions that were holding us back in our important life work.” – Neşe Devenot, VICE | Broadly

“This year my daughter is a college freshman, and she knows she’s entered a rape culture fueled in part by alcohol. She and her friends talk about it all the time. I want to tell them they’re far less likely to be roofied if they bring their own vape pens to parties rather than risking the drinks, but I can’t because underage use is illegal.” – Robyn Griggs Lawrence, Lift

“Everything is easier when it’s achieved through love, hope, and inspiration. Depicting and supporting this in my art is my way of supporting all aspects of the feminine, material as well as spiritual, and is my authentic power.” – Martina Hoffmann, LA YOGA

“Ayahuasca goes right to the heart of any issue in an illustrative, multisensory way. A realization that might take decades of talking to reach can be compressed into a few hours.” – Laura Marjorie Miller, UTNE Reader

“It makes so much sense to connect with the spirit of plants. They have healing properties and things to teach us. The spirits of the plants speak to the spirit inside ourselves, setting the stage for wholeness.” – Sitaramaya Sita, Reset.Me

“Amazonian shamanism is a beautiful tradition that is to be honored, respected, and hopefully, preserved. Personally, I deeply admire a system that is so holistic and recognizes the mind-body-spirit connection as intrinsic to the process of restoring wellbeing.” - Sarah Baldwin, Herbal Academy

“If you hang out in certain circles, you may hear it discussed at parties, festivals, gallery openings or yoga classes: People are drinking ayahuasca in Joshua Tree, renting an Airbnb in Topanga for a weekend mushroom ceremony or even driving to Baja to seek addiction counseling at an Ibogaine clinic.” – Katie Bain, LA Weekly

“I like to say that I work for the plant – it’s really bringing ancient practices back to the modern-day times. Cannabis has been here for thousands of years before humans ever have – it has so much to teach us.” – Rachael Carlevale, Green Flower Media

“Ayahuasca brought home for me how inter-dependent and inter-related all of life is. Plant and animal species inter-communicate to survive and procreate. I became much more in line with the consciousness of everything, and I felt that the trees and the plants were aware of me and that I was a co-creator.” - Susan Sheldon, UTNE Reader

“Cannabis is a sacred plant. She’s our ally. We didn’t want to hide her like she was something to be ashamed of.” – Rachael Carlevale, Civilized

“So many of the visions I experienced were about the Mother. There was a very strong message about connection with the Mother and Mother Earth, but also the motherer, the nurturing soul of all. I am in tune with the Earth Mother and with the mother of all things.” - Kathleen Barnes, Boston Yoga